SKÁL is a modern restaurant and cocktail bar in New York on the Lower East Side that is loyal to the basic culinary principls, yet confident enough to explore uncharted territories.

Executive Chef Ben Spiegel (formerly of Willows Inn on Lummi Island) makes his New York debut at SKÁL, where he crafts imaginative and bold food that still manages to retain familiar and comforting flavors. Chef Spiegel makes use of vanguard techniques, such as hay-smoking, blending the ingredients of land and sea, pickling and fermenting, and overall employs a strong naturalist approach to cooking. The results are carefully balanced dishes that are that are exciting and flavourful.

The décor also has a natural feel, reminiscent of a coastal cottage with pale blue wooden tables, a runway style bar and dishware that appear to be from a relative’s china closet. The whole room, filled with light blue and green colors, has a quaint, earthy ambiance. The exciting cocktails are made using fresh juices, herbs and produce, as well as organic spirits. A small, carefully selected wine list makes the most of its size by offering some organic and bio-dynamic wines.